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How does it works?


Building Monitoring System


A Building monitoring system, also known as BMS (Building Management System) or BAS (Building Automation System), is a computer system that controls and monitors the electrical supply of a building. It also checks that every technology installed in the building, like the fire alarms, security cameras, and computers, are working fine. In a nutshell, this monitoring system makes sure that the electric supply that operates all the building equipment and other machineries is enough and efficient. One example is this: the system measures the supply of electricity being utilized for ventilation. In Engineering companies, mechanical engineers are mainly tasked with providing BMS for big building projects that are in need of extensive mechanical machineries like elevators, fire alarms, security systems, lighting, heating, conditioning, and more.

The main idea behind having this system in operation is mostly for energy conservation. The data measured by the hardware program is transmitted to the software that presents everything in figures within a computer screen. The BMS is composed of internet protocols that require a server as a receiver. This system benefits the occupants or employees, owners of the building, and maintenance teams. In a way, we can consider this system as a strategy for a successful business manufacturer. It monitors and navigates the supply coming out. If the supply is too much for the demand, it cuts the production process that also reduces the expenditures for manufacturing. The system also notifies you of any malfunction and technical issues. For example, if the energy supply for the ventilation is weak, the people inside the building are going to feel hot and irritated, leading to a lot of complaints and anger that decrease work productivity.


It is a chain effect of positive energy. Make sure that your BMS is running in a state-of -the art computer capable of storing all data without crashing. Alpha Sense developed affordable monitoring system for buildings, and any maintenance buildings company will profit a lot from gain it. With the energy and water conserved, the building’s monthly bill will surely be reduced, allowing you to save a big amount of money. There are several big companies that provide monitoring systems for buildings, But their prices is not reasonable.

They include Aplex Technology Inc., Cisco, Grid Connect, and others. So once again, a Building Monitoring System controls and monitors electrical supply for mechanical equipment and machineries. It has been a great leap for it to be connected to the internet for better data distribution. Another reminder: hire skilled and knowledgeable engineers or information technology experts to monitor your BMS for malfunctions or glitches.