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Water Leakages in Residential and Public Buildings

Water Leakages in Residential and Public Buildings


Most people tend to disregard the possible effects of a water leakage. “It doesn’t bother me, so just let it be.” Yes, it doesn’t bother you now, but after four months or maybe a year, you will be spending an enormous amount of money and time because of it. Water leakage from pipes and fittings are only the beginning of structural damages within a certain building. The droplets that come from those pipes run through the walls, all the way to the floor. Too much leakage can cause walls to deteriorate as time passes. Floors start to show signs of molds, and the structure weakens. If nothing is done, even strong buildings will surely fall apart in time. Other than expensive repairs, everyone within those walls are in danger of structural collapse. There have been many cases of crumbling buildings, both residential and public.

In particular, water leakages can cause the following problems:

Flooding – A water leakage dumps droplets of water, which may not sound so bad. However, that flow is continuous, making it alarming. Broken pipes and plumbing fixtures can cause flooding, which in turn can lead to bigger structural damages.

Exposed Wires – Water is a conductor of electricity. Exposed wirings or what the construction industry calls “hot”, can cause strong electrocution or worse, fire to a building. This is what people call electrical fires. This type of fire is the result of leakage current.

Water Shortage – Imagine the amount of water wasted because of leaky pipes. There are several countries in the world that suffer from water shortage. As such, it is horrible to disregard a simple problem, which has a strong impact on human life. This spells the difference between life and death.


Water Loss

Water leakage is synonymous to wasting water, either clean or dirty. Any amount of water, no matter where it came from, can be recycled or filtered for better use. The water from a water leakage is no exception. However, it would be wiser to fix its source. Just remember to utilize water properly and to treat it as if it were your money. Don’t waste it because it is vital for survival. According to recent studies, 500,000 gallons of water is wasted every year because of leakage. Think about the number of people who don’t have access to clean water.

It is unfortunate that most people don’t address this problem, simply because they don’t want to face the consequences of their actions. It would take only a few hours to resolve plumbing problems, or maybe a day for deeper pipes within big buildings. The bottom line is this: the problem is present and so is the solution. The problem is relentless while the solution is reliable.

Water leakage is a big deal, no matter the size the structure is. Being aware of these structural problems is also being aware of a global crisis. Awareness leads to action and action leads to change—positive change.

In this regard, make sure to fix water leakages with a reasonable amount of money rather than spending thousands for bigger damages.