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Monitoring Systems for Buildings

­­­ Monitor all the assets at your building


You always desired to keep your home safe and comfortable. You equipped your kitchen with the latest and the most modern cooking and baking tools. You always purchased top of the linen sheets and bedcovers. You bought that 18-thread count Egyptian pillow in your master’s bedroom for uber relaxation. After all, you deserved it for working so hard.  You even bought that expensive painting that was the perfect centrepiece in your living room area. A house isn’t a home without a spark of your personality in it, right? Even in the workplace, you made sure you got the best and the most cost efficient interior design team to furnish your workplace. You bought quality tools, chairs, and tables to encourage your team to work efficiently. You invested in your building in the same manner that you invested in your own home. With all these came superior quality that would last for years and years to come.


Investing in an all in one monitoring system for buildings

With all the investments you made, you surely would want to keep them in top condition all the time. Making sure that these assets are in good condition and would work efficiently would greatly affect your team’s productivity as well; not to mention that it would reduce any impending health hazard, too.



Keeping the water in your office drinking pool clean is very crucial to preventing any water borne diseases. Ensuring that the potable water has an acceptable level of certain chemicals is also a must.  In addition, checking your water flow meter is important to prevent incurring any increasing expenses. With regular maintenance of the water flow meter, you would be able to immediately spot any leaks.


Gas leaks

Installing a monitoring system for buildings for gas leakages is like having a fire extinguisher ready at hand in case a small fire occurs. Though gas leakages can be detected through smell, a reliable monitoring system would alarm you immediately of any small leakages before they pose any health and fire hazard in the building.


Air condition

Keeping your air conditioning unit in optimum shape would prevent any allergies or illness that could hit a weakened immune system. Inhalation of fresh and clear air also significantly increases one’s productivity and lessens absences due to sick leaves.


You don’t need to procure a different monitoring system for each of your assets–from air condition, water meter, gas leakage, pump, and elevator. Our very affordable monitoring system for buildings would be able to address all your needs. You don’t even have to manually do the checking. Once you install our all-in-one monitoring system, you have the liberty to check and monitor all the assets in your building online. With just a touch of a button, you will be able to spot anything that needs to be repaired, allowing you to also minimize maintenance costs.